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Of Course LaGuardia Airport's $4B Makeover Stalled Again

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The Port Authority was expected to choose a design team by the end of April to overhaul LaGuardia Airport's craptastic Central Terminal, but to the surprise of absolutely no one, the process is delayed, yet again. Crain's reports that a final team won't be chosen until at least May because the Port Authority is waiting for a panel appointed by Governor Cuomo "to evaluate broader upgrades to LaGuardia and Kennedy airports." That panel, which is chaired by real estate executive Dan Tishman and includes former director of the City Planning Director Amanda Burden, will then decide which of the two finalists gets the $4 billion job. Evidently, the Port Authority and the panel wants to see which of the finalists can "best modify their plans," whatever that means. The initial deadline was the end of January, but it's been repeatedly pushed back, so don't hold your breath that this time they'll actually stick to the plan.
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