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Million Dollar Listing New York S4E01: Frenemies For Life

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It's Season 4 of Million Dollar Listing New York, where three brokers, Fredrik Eklund, Luis Ortiz, and Ryan Serhant, show the world what it takes to sell high-priced New York City apartments. Check in each week for recaps by Angela Bunt. Episode air date: 4/15/2015.

When season three of Million Dollar Listing New York ended last June, it seemed that Luis and Ryan were forging a beautiful bromance, while Fredrik spiraled deeper and deeper into his money-fueled insanity. Luis had finally found his swag, and Ryan had finally found his soul. Yet as season four kicks off, it becomes clear that there's trouble in paradise.

Of course, it's nothing new that Luis and Fredrik still hate each other. This is the kind of frenemy relationship that we have come to love, especially at the start of the show when Freddy walks past Luis's office, and Luis flips him the bird behind his back. Classy! But what's the deal with Ryan and Luis? Did we miss something? Although the two shared words at the Bravo reunion, we thought they really had something special. But now it appears that the two are at odds, with Ryan claiming Luis "won't return his calls," and Luis claiming that Ryan "will do anything for the next sale." Umm, duh?

Fredrik is determined to swoop in and scoop up Ryan, claiming him as his new bestie. But first, he needs to start selling. He has a listing at 215 Sullivan, a building in which he's sold out all but one of the units—the most expensive one. Listed at $17.25 million, the apartment has just gotten a complete furniture facelift, and Freddy heads there to check it out. Building developers Daniel and Raymond of Broad Street Development have spent $250,000 on upgrades, and Freddy thinks it's finally ready to go back on the market. [Ed. note: this apartment was reportedly eyed by Kimye.]

Unsurprisingly, the developers now want to try and get even more dollars out of the unit. Fredrik curtails their requests and instead agrees to a getting a full-ask offer, with absolutely no changes to the layout. Riggghhht...

Despite the ups and downs of his career, Luis hasn't lost his charisma, and the bubbly broker is heading to 92 Laight Street to tour the home of his new client, Angel. (Apparently, Angel made his fortune selling ballpoint pens, but that's neither here nor there.) Despite the celebrity status of the building he's in, the apartment itself is a bit—ahem—outdated. He stands to double his profits by initially purchasing the pad for $2.45 million in 2004, and now listing it at $5.1 million. But in order to do that, Luis needs to move the tenants out and do a full staging. Woot woot—our first staging of the 2015 MDLNY season!

Ryan is meeting with developer Yvonne, a referral he got from Emilia (get it, girl), to discuss her new developments at 230 East 63rd Street. Yvonne has enlisted Ryan to sell four units in 30 days, all listed for $3.15 million to $3.3 million, including a ground floor apartment that technically only has one bedroom with an underground "recreational area." So, basically $3 million to hang out in a basement. Ryan's up for the challenge, or just blinded by a $390,000 commission, and agrees.

Back on whatever plane of reality Fredrik is living in, he begins planning "the most important party of his career" (aren't they all?) for the Sullivan Street property. He needs to invite everyone, even Luis. I mean, ALL the brokers are going to be there. It's definitely not just a ploy to get the Freddy, Ryan, and Luis in a dramatic moment together... The real highlight of this scene is when Derek walks into the room in his strategically paint-covered clothing. We've missed you, D.

Doesn't it seem like Luis is always getting himself into sticky situations? Just when it looks like his arrangement with Angel is going to go off without a hitch, the temporary apartment falls through, and he and his wife decide to stay at their apartment and nix the staging. Dun dun dun...

Ryan has his own set of problems to worry about: first and foremost, throw a kick-ass party at 230 East 63rd Street; second, sell all four units within the month. By hosting the party on the ground level (#gardenapartment), he hopes it will attract more buyers. However, a few weenies in a blanket isn't enough to get people interested a $3 million one-bedroom. On the bright side, the third and fifth floor units pique the interest of plenty.

While Ryan is off partying, Luis is still in crisis mode as he struggles to find temporary housing for his client. Just when it seems the movers will have to unpack everything, he finds a sublet through an old industry friend. Time to repack the items that were just unpacked...again. Once again Luis manages to just barely eek out of a potentially disastrous situation.

Back in Fredrikland...

Clearly Yvonne made the right choice in selecting Ryan as her broker, as he's already pulled in two full ask offers on the third and fifth floors. Sadly, the ground floor and second floor are still no-gos. He can just barely ask Yvonne for a price reduction (to be fair, you really can't count the basement as square footage because it's underground) when she gives him a very Serhant-esque pep talk: "You can do it Ryan! You really are the best!" Well, if you say so...

Fredrik's big party at 215 Sullivan is underway. It's a packed house—err, apartment—and while Freddy's nerves are high, he's also feeling confident. Even Ryan, his new friend, is there! Oh, and then this happened (looped for your pleasure):

The party is just getting started and already Freddy may have found the perfect buyer. Well, perfect except he wants to tear down a few walls and add a pool. The very thing Fredrik agreed NOT to do. Oy.

Two-fifteen Sullivan is bumpin' when Luis pulls up in his Maserati. (In real life, he would be circling the block for like, an hour, until he found parking.) Ryan, clearly jealous of his new whip/hurt that Luis is too cool for school now, starts talking about how important it is to stay humble in this business and not let money go to your head. LOL. Wait, seriously, Ryan? Aren't you the one who shut down Times Square to propose to Emilia last year? (Whoops! Spoiler alert.)

I can never tell if the three of them are actually angry at each other, or just playing it up for the camera, because they always have sh*t-eating grins on their faces. Ryan and Freddy seem to be turning over some type of new friendship leaf (I think they call that an olive branch), but can we really trust Freddy after all that crazy shenanigans he pulled last season finale? I feel like Ryan is just going to get dissed again. Dude just wants a friend!

There's no way Ryan can sell the first two units at the Upper East Side property at full-ask, so it's time to get creative. He recruits world renowned designer Andres Escobar to help him with some simple renovation ideas which would enable the first two units to be combined and sold as one. As he excitedly tells Andres his plans, the funky Garage Band sample plays on in the background.

Luis is meeting with his assistant Ronita, who gets visibly angry as he is right-swiping away on Tindr. She's mad... almost too mad. I've seen that face—that is the face of somebody thinking, "Why are you on Tindr when we're hooking up and I'm clearly starting to get attached even though we agreed that we were going to keep it casual because you're my boss?" Luis, can't you see real love when it is staring you in your face?!

Freddy has an official offer on the 215 Sullivan Street unit from seller Johnny, the same guy who wants to knock down walls and add a swimming pool. But the developers are adamant, and ridiculously angry, at the offer. One even yells: "Fredrik, we have to finish strong. No high-kicks, no wees. Get it done!" Ah, so he's a fan of the show?

After going back and forth between the developers and the buyer—and after that dude on the right basically has a heart attack at The Jane where they're eating lunch—he gets the buyer to full ask, sans pool.

Now that Luis has finally gotten Angel and his family out of their Tribeca digs, it's time to figure out how he wants to stage it. He meets with the lovely Daniela at her staging warehouse to pick out furniture and develop the concept. He says he wants it to look like "a piece of artwork," and haggles the costs down from $18,000 to $12,000—his client's max budget. Another crisis averted in Luis Land! But will he always be so lucky?

With just five days left in his 30-day sellout, Ryan needs to present his new idea of combining the ground and second floors to Yvonne. She's dead set against more renovations on a just-finished building, and certainly doesn't want to pay for it. But Ryan seems to have thought of everything—he has a buyer, floorplans, now all he needs is a price. Yvonne agrees to "do the work" if the client comes to full ask: $6.31 million. But in real estate there's always some wiggle room...right? The client counters with $5.75 million, and now it's Serhant turning on the charm by convincing her that she can't pass up a full-cash offer. It's a deal! And now Ryan can get to selling the seven other developments Yvonne has up her sleeve. Cha-ching!
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