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Mayor De Blasio Picks His Favorite Landmarks, So Name Yours

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On April 19, 1965, the Landmarks Preservation Commission was officially formed. Half a century of protection for the city's designated historic buildings and districts, while at times tedious and filled with debate, is certainly worth celebrating, so Mayor Bill de Blasio has taken to Instagram to name his favorite landmarks. First up, Prospect Park. (Yes, because, the LPC "granted Prospect Park scenic landmark status" in 1980.) See the mayor's other favorites below, and feel free to leave your favorite New York City landmark in the comments section.

Snug Harbor, by the way, was one of New York's very first landmarks. The 19th-century complex, initially built as a place of respite for "aged, decrepit, and worn-out sailors," is beautiful, and almost got demolished, but the creation of the LPC saved it.

Louis Armstrong's house in Queens is now a museum, and it's open for tours.

UPDATE: On Sunday, de Blasio added another one.

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