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Neighbors Really Don't Want Jackson Heights Building To Grow

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It might not come with a history as storied as, say, the Apthorp, but Jackson Heights residents are protective of their historic district. That's why dozens of them turned up at a community board meeting last night to vociferously voice their opposition to a plan that would add four stories containing 40 apartments on top of an existing one-story corner building that currently houses a couple of stores. DNAinfo was on the (heated) scene, reporting that though the owner of 84-11 and 84-23 37th Avenue has made five different tries to win approval from the community, this particular proposal will actually get heard by arbiters with some power: the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

The design from Angelo Ng & Anthony Ng Architects also included "an art-deco style that will have curbside bioswales and a courtyard for residents in the back" and "community space for a local organization at below-market rent." Attendees weren't swayed, lining up to list concerns that the design was out of context and out of scale for the area.

The outcome of last night's meeting is a recommendation from the community board, which (unsurprisingly) voted against the addition. It serves as simply that—a recommendation. When the LPC hears the case later this month, it will be the decider.
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