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Demi Moore Still Wants $75M for Her San Remo Penthouse

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Nearly a year ago, word got out that actress Demi Moore was shopping around her triplex penthouse in the San Remo on Central Park West for an eye-popping $75 million. But there were no photos, no floorplan, not even a description of the apartment, and a listing never materialized. As it turns out, the mysterious-and-super-expensive marketing strategy didn't work that well, because the A-lister is still trying to sell the place—and she would still like $75 million. But this time, she's taking the more traditional give-the-New-York-Times-an-exclusive marketing route. There is no listing yet, but the Times has lots of interior details.

Moore bought the penthouse in 1990 with her then-husband Bruce Willis. She also owns a two-bedroom maisonette on the ground floor, which is included in the $75 million price tag. She told the Times in an email that they bought in the building because "there was just nothing like it. The location, architecture and history of the San Remo were on a completely different level." Geez, way to be a brokerbabble cliche. Why is she moving? "I'm spending the majority of my time in my other homes, and this apartment is too magnificent not to be lived in full time."

And now, some details of the apartments:

· Moore and Willis installed "bold new windows in every room."
· It has 14 rooms, "not counting bathrooms and nooks and crannies."
· Both units were renovated in "a Southwestern Mission motif dominated by cherry wood."
· There are custom-made Mission-style pocket doors between the gallery and the living room.
· The living room measures 36 by 22 feet, and "has three exposures, more than 20 feet of park frontage overlooking the boat pond, and a wood-and-ceramic tile fireplace."
· There's a 14-by-20-foot library on the southeast corner with "original plaster rosette molding and bas reliefs in the ceiling." This room could be turned into another bedroom, as it has "an original [Emery] Roth en-suite bath."
· Both bathrooms in the maisonette are Roth originals.
· There's "an enormous crystal chandelier surrounded by circular molding" in the 24-by-17-foot dining room.
· The kitchen features stone floors, which matches the center island and counters.
· There's a media room with double-height ceilings and doors to the wraparound terrace. Weirdly, this room has wall-to-wall carpeting.
· It's located at the top of the building's south tower, and the only other unit that parallels it is the penthouse of the north tower, home to Bono.

As for the price, broker Adam Modlin says he took into consideration the recent record-breaking $70M+ sales at 834 Fifth Avenue, 740 Park Avenue, and 960 Fifth Avenue. Of course, this apartment was being shopped around for $75 million before any of these places sold, but given the new reality that we live in, $75 million doesn't seem quite as insane as it did last year. But now it will only set a price record for Upper West Side co-ops.

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