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NoMid: The New, Terrible, Unnecessary Neighborhood Name

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Oh boy—it got an acronym and a New York Post explainer, meaning certain parts of northern Midtown—er, we mean NoMid—are really on the map now. If the area's construction boom—with building's like Aby Rosen and Norman Foster's 100 East 53rd Street and the above-pictured 301 East 50th Street popping up in the area's boundaries—hasn't been enough to warn people of the impending acronym (a la NoMad), a look at the stats shows that the area bounded by 50th and 63rd streets and Second and Fifth avenues was totally asking for it.

StreetEasy data shows that median sales prices in the area rose 11.3 percent in 2014 to $1.08 million, with median asks jumping 20.7 percent to $1.32 million. Yup, all reason for the area to get a silly, real estate-driven acronym.
· NoMid—a.k.a. North Midtown—is Manhattan's new condo central [NYP]

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