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Chunky Black Williamsburg Rentals Are Almost Ready For You

After emerging on the right side of earlier financial troubles, the swath of land on North 9th Street between Roebling Street and Driggs Avenue will soon be under-used no more. The development at 212 North 9th Street has fallen somewhat under the radar (after all, the new building permit was approved back in 2008), but a tipster sent in construction photos showing that the seven-story, 33-unit building is almost done. With exteriors designed by the ubiquitous Karl Fischer (because of course it is) and developed interiors by the Meshberg Group, which has a description of the project on its website, the building is constructed of black brick, black granite, and white metal windows. The building will have a roof deck. Construction was slated to be complete in early 2015—so it's a bit behind schedule, but not by much. It'll likely be ready for renters in a few months. UPDATE: Adam Meshberg of Meshberg Group writes in to tell is that the building will be condos, not rentals, and that the developer is Fortis Property Group Sales will start in a month or two.

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