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A French Family Modernized This 1851 Brooklyn Brownstone

Usually people talk about trying to be more like the French, but for former Parisian Florence Mars and her family, it's been all about embracing America—or least, the version of America that concerns a newly-renovated townhouse in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn, where an an influx of French families has brought along shops with French signs and schools with a French curriculum. Okay, so maybe it's just about being French in America. Anyway, their home, profiled in the latest issue of New York Cottages & Gardens, was reworked by Manhattan-based firm Murdock Solon Architects in 2013. Shedding original features like extravagant molding and "everything painted gold," the remodel brought a bright-and-airy and altogether very European vibe to a landmark Brooklyn property.

It's very pretty >>