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Poorly Named Williamsberry Reveals Poorly Named 'Skyhouses'

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When you give a building a name like Williamsberry, there's no sense in using normal words for everything else, so the penthouses of the new project planned for 338 Berry Street in Williamsburg will, naturally, be called "skyhouses." Broker/prolific Instagrammer Fredrik Eklund shared the first rendering of the penthouses—which are only eight stories up, so "skyhouse" is just a tad generous—and proclaimed that "over 100 brokers and buyers" came to a preview in his office. These penthouses are expected to list for more than $4 million.

If Eklund and the marketing team want to keep with their trend of hilariously bad and unnecessary names, what should they call the rest of the apartments? Lord knows "condos" just won't cut it. Take to the comments with your suggestions.

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