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Director's Gloomy West Village House Returns Asking $12.5M

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Last we saw West Village townhouse 75 Bedford Street, it was being sold for $5.8 million to film director James Oakley. Now, three years later, the house is virtually unrecognizable having been completely redone by interior designer Fernando Santangelo, and back on the market for $12.5 million. Oakley told T Magazine, in a recent profile, "I hate white, I despise it." To that end, he told Santangelo to cover every surface in the "muddy colors found in old master paintings," as the designer described it. Since it's always a fantastic idea to completely remodel a house to your highly personalized tastes and then immediately re-list it, this ought to work out great. Oakley also told the magazine, apropos of something, we're sure, "I think it's so pointless when people are obsessed with their family tree. They're dead, move on," which is definitely a cool opinion to hear from a guy who just graduated from film school, directed one movie, and bought a $5.8 million townhouse, and whose stepfather owns the Cleveland Browns.

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