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Are You Paying a Fair Rent for Your New York Subway Stop?

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Brace for some eyeball-popping numbers in this new cool map thing. Data visualization whiz Steven Melendez has doctored up a Manhattan subway map for Thrillist that contains the average rental prices at each stop. As calculated by listings site Trulia, it's the cost per bedroom, so adjust accordingly if you're living in share or a family-sized apartment. All the data points to high rents all over town, but it's all relative. You have to ask, "Is my rent too high for my neighborhood?" Compare it to the map. Next stop: prepare to weep.

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↓ Click the map for a pop-up, zoom-in-able version.

Head over to Thrillist for individual maps for every subway line in Manhattan, which makes it a lot clearer to see that, say, the average rent per bedroom at Franklin Street in Tribeca is $2,666.50, and that living just south of Central Park, at the 59th Street/Fifth Avenue stop on the N/Q/R will run you $2,990.77 per bedroom.
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