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Park Slope's Historic Pavilion Theatre May Get 24 Condos

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Park Slope's Pavilion Theatre may not be long for this world, at least in its current state. Developer Hidrock Realty, who owns the Art Deco behemoth on the southern tip of Prospect Park West, has announced plans via permit filings to bring 24 condos spread over six stories to the site. DNAinfo adds to TRD's announcement of the conversion that, if all goes according to plan, Hidrock will renovate the interior of the 33,000-square-foot building and add an addition (per square footage noted on permits) to make room for condos, a theater, retail, and 16 parking spaces. Because the theater is part of the Park Slope Historic District, any changes the developer wants to make to the building—which will likely include the addition of windows, a proven contentious topic— will have to pass through the Landmarks Preservation Commission.
There was some earlier ambiguity as to exactly where the building will rise, and whether the project would convert the theater, raze it, or leave it be, but that seems to have been put to rest.
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