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See How a Replica of the Astor Place Cube Fooled Everyone

Life in New York City comes with a couple of pitfalls, like apartments with sad kitchen showers, and spaces that are hardly large enough to house a person, let alone a family; but the benefits of living here surpass all of that, at least in theory. Man In a Cube, a video that appeared online a few years ago, riffs off of this idea. Produced by self-proclaimed viral content creator Thinkmodo, the video followed the travails of a man who called the Astor Place Cube home. Although the story was unambiguously fake, the shots of said man crawling into the cube, rightly called The Alamo, were believable and, until now, chalked up to movie magic. Thinkmodo has released a "making of" video for Man In a Cube, and despite the video's failure to go viral—it has slightly over 284,600 views on YouTube—it answers some (lukewarm) burning questions.

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