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De Blasio Surprises Everyone, Calls for Utica Ave. Subway Line

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As part of his OneNYC plan, Mayor Bill de Blasio called yesterday for a study of a new subway line along Utica Avenue. The Utica Avenue subway line has been proposed before, in the 1910s, '20s, and '70s, but its sudden revival seemed to come out of nowhere, shocking many. "No one expected this," Mitchell Moss, the director of the Rudin Center for Transportation at New York University, told the Times, adding, "It's refreshing to see a proposal to extend mass transit into areas of Brooklyn that are transit-deprived." Though the new line would bring a much needed transportation option to a crowded region of New York City, it is unclear as of yet how the project would be paid for, and some, including the area's City Council representative Jumaane D. Williams, are skeptical about the chances of the MTA being able to carry it out. "I'd like to talk about it more when the Second Avenue train is completed," he said.

Also not clear, as de Blasio only called for a study, is what the new line would consist of. Second Avenue Sagas writes that "It could involve an extension of the 4 train from the Eastern Parkway line. It could call back to Second System plans to run trains from 2nd Ave. through South 4th St. and, eventually, down Utica Ave."
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