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LaGuardia Airport's $4B Renovation Could Maybe Not Happen

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The AirTrain may eventually serve LaGuardia Airport, and some dreamers even want to see it expand so much that it bleeds into the Bronx, but none of these improvements will ever matter if the existing airport itself, as it stands, remains its awful, unrenovated self. According to Crains, if the Port Authority doesn't pick a winning bidder to spearhead the long-planned $4 billion makeover in the next month, then it's possible that the two teams of developers and architects that are finalists will drop out of the project entirely.

The competition to redesign the Central Terminal has been going on for quite awhile, with bids originally due in January. The most recent update is yet another delay: that the Port Authority is waiting for a panel appointed by Governor Cuomo "to evaluate broader upgrades to LaGuardia and Kennedy airports" before they narrow focus and pick a winner for LGA's extreme makeover.

About the extension until May, the only issue (besides continually frustrated travelers, like Joe Biden, with no end to frustrations in sight) is that the teams who want to renovate the terminal... might not anymore.

Several sources familiar with the project say that the bidders have begun to bristle at the idea of any further extensions beyond the end of May. That would leave the Port Authority with only a month before its May 28 board meeting to salvage the project. Come on guys, let's get this renovation party started. At least pick a bidder.
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