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190 Bowery's Legendary Graffiti Isn't Secure After All

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Those nostalgic for the Bowery's former grittiness heaved a sigh of relief last week when 190 Bowery's incoming tenants announced that they would very much like to keep the former Germania bank building sheathed in the graffiti that has characterized it for decades. "Companies like ours tend to thrive in places that have a soul and a history," Matthew Moneyponey, CEO of the consortium of companies moving in, told the Journal last week, saying that the companies "are literally at the intersection of chic and gritty" and would be well-served by 190 Bowery's appearance. Well, that all is for naught. The consortium, including companies like Trunk Archive, CLM, Management Artists, Tim Howard Management, Bernstein & Andriulli, MAP Ltd., and Streeters, will only occupy the building's second through sixth floors, and Animal now reports that 190 Bowery's ground-floor occupant will have the ultimate say in whether the graffiti stays or goes.

"To be clear, we have expressed our very adamant preference that the graffiti remain—and the management company seems well aligned with our view—but the ground floor retail or restaurant tenant will apparently have the final say," Moneypenny explained to Animal via email, "I've always enjoyed passing by [190 Bowery], checking out the new additions and it would be a shame to wipe out all that effort. It really is one of the very last original remnants of the neighborhood," says the guy bringing corporations to said remnant. Oh well, maybe a company or restaurant that also fancies itself gritty will move into the ground floor and the graffiti will get to stay.
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