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Pierhouse's Penthouse Gets Stopped Short (For Now)

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The up-in-arms activists of Save the View Now have filed a suit against a consortium behind Pierhouse, including Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation, the City of New York, and Toll Brothers, alleging that the Brooklyn Bridge Park condo and hotel building has breached height restrictions agreed on in 2005. Ahead of further hearings, the court has issued a temporary restraining order halting momentarily prohibiting the construction of a penthouse on the southern portion of the structure at 130 Furman Street while still allowing work to proceed on another portion of the building, Brooklyn Eagle reports. STVN alleges that Toll Brothers have exceeded the height restrictions that limit the north structure to 100 feet and the south structure to 55 feet by at least 40 feet in certain places, with the under-construction penthouse reaching 72 feet.

The Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation, which plans to use funds garnered from the building to maintain the park, is not thrilled. "This lawsuit is an unfortunate attempt to enshrine the unprotected views of a select few at the expense of the millions who use the park," a statement issued by the corporation reads. But being that this is about the billionth time Save the View Now's efforts have resulted in halted rerouted Pierhouse's construction, it doesn't seem that they'll let up any time soon.

UPDATE: Toll Brothers and co-developer Starwood Capital have issued a statement regarding the suit,

"We are pleased that the Court's ruling will allow us to continue construction without delay. Work will continue on schedule between now and May 11 as the Court has denied plaintiffs' request for a restraining order on the North Building and denied in part plaintiffs' request on the South Building. We look forward to presenting the facts to the Court on May 11 to demonstrate that the South Building does not exceed any height restrictions as the Building Department determined in its review of the plans in February. The Pierhouse development at Brooklyn Bridge Park is and will remain fully compliant with all the project requirements established in the General Project Plan (GPP), which was the subject of extensive community presentations and input. The GPP is the governing document for the project. The Empire State Development Corporation, the entity responsible for interpreting the GPP, openly and reasonably determined that building height should be measured in the same manner as the New York City Zoning Resolution. Toll and Starwood justifiably relied on the GPP and the Development Corporation's interpretation of it. Indeed, we were required to comply with the GPP in our designs. Toll and Starwood are proud to be a part of the historic redevelopment of Brooklyn Bridge Park, which has been transformed from dilapidated piers and industrial buildings into an urban oasis with enormous, long-term benefits to New York City and its residents. We are equally proud that the hotel and residential buildings we are developing will generate revenue that is crucial for the future operation and maintenance of the Park." Despite the suit, Toll Brothers and Starwood Capital say that construction remains on schedule.
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