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This Map Lists Every Tree in Washington Square Park

Next time you're lounging around in Greenwich Village, pull up this new map of Washington Square Park. The map was created by "community and urban forester" Georgia Silvera Seamans (along with the good people at Washington Square Park Blog), and is part of WSP Eco Projects (a neighborhood group that "celebrates the wild things of the park").

The WSP Eco Map acts as a miniature database of every tree in the park, revealing each tree's species, diameter, and other pertinent info, such as historical footnotes and the location of nesting boxes. It also includes an overlay of the semi-legendary Minetta Creek, and plots a walking tour of one of New York's largest and most important natural streams (which may or may not still exist).

Overall, it's a fascinating synthesis of urban ecology and historical record, and it's well worth checking out for those with an interest in either.
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