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Forest Hills House With History, Lots of Patterns Asks $3.7M

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Our semi-regular feature, Monday Mansion, examines the most interesting mega homes on the market in the far reaches of New York. Have a listing in mind that we're missing? Tell us about it. To the outer boroughs we go!

The star of this Forest Hills house, a perfectly lovely Tudor-style home on a leafy 10,000-square-foot lot at 69-54 Ingram Street, is the master bathroom. Covered with wall-to-wall sky blue tiles and plastered with a metallic, trellis-patterned wallpaper on the curved ceilings, the room is a curious space in an otherwise respectable, if a bit stodgy home. The mirrored glitz of the room clashes somewhat with the rest of the house, which is filled with floral patterns, ornate vases, and crystal chandeliers. There's also four two giant tusks (and their reflections) flanking a fireplace. Decor aside, the home has some positive features, like its ties to the beginnings of Forest Hills—the brokerbabble says it was built for one of the neighborhood's founders—and its preserved original floors, stained glass windows, and carved woodwork. It measures 3,844 square feet, and it's on the market for $3.7 million.

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