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Architect's Sleek, Hedge-Topped Village Townhouse Asks $13M

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Architect Jeffrey Goodman bought the townhouse at 46 MacDougal Street in 2002 for just $1.8 million. Now 13 years and a gut renovation later, he wants to sell the house for a cool $12.9 million. The makeover was executed by the owner's own design firm, Goodman Charlton, and the brokerbabble describes the 4,500-square-foot place with just about every positive adjective possible. There's a "superbly placed skylight" on the 75-foot-long entertainment floor; "an architectural steel staircase" that leads to a "mod den level;" "gorgeous, ebony-stained hard oak flooring" in the living room; "stunning illumination throughout;" a "fantastic walk-in closet"—and so on. The place also has "dueling master suites," a cedar-clad landscaped deck with green walls, and a Ipe wood rooftop terrace that sports a giant hedge.

· Listing: 46 MacDougal Street [Elliman via StreetEasy]