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The 'Approachably Priced' Astor Launches Sales

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Name: The Astor
Address: 235 West 75th Street
Developer: HFZ Capital
Interiors: Pembrooke & Ives
Size: 12 stories, 199 units
Prices: $1,525,000 to $9,204,000

HFZ Capital's Upper West Side rental-to-condo conversion The Astor launched its website today, and with it the listings for 15 apartments, with prices starting at $1.5 million for a one-bedroom and topping out at $9.2 million for a four-bedroom. The development's hook is that the condos have "approachable prices," which, everything being relative and the definition of the word "approachable" being fairly malleable, is more or less true.

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