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Finally, a Look at the Rentals Eclipsing St. John the Divine

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Over the past few months, two towers have been rising on the northern lawn of the Cathedral Of St. John the Divine in Morningside Heights. Because most people watching the project progress have either been agape in horror over their painfully close proximity to the 123-year-old church, rhapsodic over the new development, or oblivious to the world at large, the full rendering reveal of the building has hardly been missed. But YIMBY has shared new renderings for the Brodsky Organization-developed towers, and they're big. And blocky. Handel Architects designed the two towers, which will rise 13 and 15 stories and have 428 apartments between them. Because the property is on a 99-year lease, the cash-strapped church will get $5 million a year from the new development, and will also maintain some dignity by remaining just a hair taller than the rental towers.

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