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Protesters Rally Against Extell's Lower East Side Tower

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Protesters assembled in front of the Rutgers Houses on the Lower East Side this morning to decry Extell Development's planned 56-story tower (down from 71 stories) as "racist development," in that it will deprive the existing communities, largely Chinese and Hispanic, of affordable groceries by demolishing the Pathmark supermarket at the site while simultaneously driving up rents, displacing locals, Bedford + Bowery reports. "I think since the 2008 rezoning, when they only protected the East Village, it actually pushed a lot of the development down here, to Chinatown, the Lower East Side," said Wendy Chung of the Chinese Staff and Workers Association. "They're treating us like we're second-class citizens."

Protesters also took umbrage at the fact that the 20 percent affordable housing included in Extell's project will be consigned to a smaller, separate building next door, reminiscent of the "poor doors" for which the developer is becoming known.
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