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No One Wants This Midtown Penthouse With 'Curvilinear' Walls

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What is it about the duplex penthouse atop Turtle Bay condo The Alexander, which has gone almost five years without a buyer? It could be the curved walls. Or the white columns. Or the vaguely Miami-ish aesthetic. Or the overkill number of bathrooms—nine! But, let's face it, it's probably the price tag. Back in 2010, the five-bedroom apartment optimistically asked $17.25 million. Now the apartment, which comes with a sizable terrace, is on its fourth broker after a laughable number of PriceChops. And now it aspires to be worth $13.995 million, a slight increase from its last go at luring a buyer in 2013. Can it happen?

Just look at this list of broker switches and PriceChops to feel the full weight of this penthouse's plight:

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