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One Design, Two Buildings For Same Street in Long Island City

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Although marginally, not everything going up in Long Island City these days is a glossy, sky-grazing tower. Case in point, these two—yes two, that's not the same building from different angles—mid-rise apartment buildings that YIMBY revealed are rising at 36-27 and 38-11 31st Street. Both buildings are being developed by Bessie Giannopulos, and both are also, er, obviously designed by the same firm, Morali Architects. The building at 38-11 will have 42 apartments averaging about 650 square feet in size, while its down-the-street neighbor at 36-27 will have 34 apartments that are about 700 square feet in size.
· Revealed: 36-27 31st Street and 38-11 31st Street, Long Island City [YIMBY]