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David Chipperfield To Design Long-Stalled Bryant Park Condos

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Considering that plans for a tower housing both condos and a hotel on 40th Street across from Bryant Park have been in the works since, oh, 2008, it's nice to get a concrete sign that the thing is actually happening. The teaser site for The Bryant went live yesterday evening, revealing a) the project's name, b) its new architect, and c) pricing information. The name isn't as much of a surprise, given that folks have been touting the site at 12-20 West 40th Street as the last developable parcel facing Bryant Park since the beginning, so of course developer HFZ Capital would want to play it up.

The architect, though—Stonehill & Taylor is listed on the permits, and that firm is the architect of record, responsible for renderings that surfaced in November. But the teaser site touts accomplished British architect David Chipperfield as the design architect, the man behind the facade. Yes, the one responsible for the Met's next renovation and other high-profile projects worldwide. This 32-story structure, with a 230-room boutique hotel on the first 14 floors and 57 apartments on the floors above, marks his first residential commission in the U.S. Sales are slated to launch this summer.

The teaser site's ability to sign up for information gives a hint at how pricey these apartments will be. The lowest range given for these one- the four-bedroom apartments is $2 million, and the highest is $10 million-plus.

And now for some history. Before all of this back-and-forth about a condo-hotel, the site was a parking lot. (Currently, though, it's shrouded in blue plywood fencing behind which excavation work is ongoing.)

Here are some old—and now nixed—renderings for the site, though to be honest it looks like the design hasn't changed that much in seven years. Perhaps in part to detach The Bryant from its many stalled predecessors, HFZ is using 16 West 40th Street as its address, rather than 20 West 40th Street, which has been the norm over the course of the building's stilted development.

When a rendering finally got posted on the construction site in the fall of 2014, it was so vague that it earned the title of "most boring rendering ever."

The November renderings by Stonehill & Taylor look very similar to the current iteration of the design.

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