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43 Absurd Features of Tribeca's Planned $65M Megamansion

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The megamansion to end all megamansions could soon be created in Tribeca. The Wall Street Journal reports that the owners of a five-story apartment building at 71 Franklin Street want to sell the property to some absurdly rich person looking for a sprawling, 20,000-square-foot home. Turett Collaborative Architects filed with the Department of Buildings to turn the 8-unit building into one completely ridiculous 7-story single family mansion with nine levels of living space. It would be delivered finished for $65 million, but if a buyer wanted to renovate the place himself, the asking price is $50 million. Yes, the prices have the potential to break records, but what is truly mind-boggling is what the house would hold. Seven (or more) bedrooms, 18 toilets, a basketball court, a climbing wall, a swimming pool, a rooftop farm, and so much more.

From the cellar to the roof, here are 43 of the most ridiculous features in the proposed plans (click images for a closer look):

1. A decorative pool at the base of the 10-story open staircase in the cellar.
2. 20-seat home theater, with a separate audio/visual closet.
3. A half basketball court (of course it has one!) with NCAA dimensions.
4. A spa with a 6-foot by 6-foot shower, treatment room, and sauna.
5. 59-foot lap pool with a "continuous light well" above it.
6. A plunge bath.

7. 25-foot bridge overlooking the gym and spa.
8. A glass-walled yoga studio.

9. A "two-car vertical lift" garage.
10. A home office and conference room (really?).
11. 540-square-foot art gallery with 18-foot ceilings.
12. 235-square-foot wine cellar and tasting room with a terrace.
13. 53-foot-long "historic cast-iron facade" with a six-bay arched arcade.

14. A climbing wall in the light well over the stairs.
15. Another mezzanine bridge.
16. A mezzanine overlooking the art gallery.
17. Two staff bedrooms.

18. A master bedroom with a fireplace.
19. A minibar in the master suite.
20. A duplex walk-in closest for the woman of the house with a separate room for "valuables storage."
21. A regular walk-in closet for the man of the house.
22. A safe room with stand-alone power and reinforced walls, floors, and ceiling.
23. A music room with a terrace.
24. Hidden doors to access the safe room.
25. A guest suite with a terrace.

26. Three bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms on the third floor.
27. A children's study (??), a playroom, and a nanny suite.

28. On the fourth floor, a 1,325-square-foot living room with a three-story fireplace and 24-foot ceilings.
29. 650-square-foot formal dining room with a balcony and skylight.
30. 10'8"-long "mini bar."
31. A service kitchen and butler's pantry.

32. On the fifth floor, a "partially-open loft space" family room with a fireplace.
33. The kitchen, with an 8-foot peninsula counter, four-foot-wide refrigerator, double ovens, a pantry, and another butler's pantry.
34. An informal dining room with a 220-square-foot terrace with a grill.

35. On the sixth floor, two terraces totaling 1,175 square feet.
36. 540-square-foot rec room with a bar.
37. A bridge over the living room below.

38. And on the roof, another terrace with a kitchen and grill.
39. An outdoor shower.
40. A hot tub.
41. 275-square-foot urban farm.
42. A wind turbine.
43. And another bar, of course.

The building sits within the Tribeca Historic District, so any exterior changes (like the addition) will have to be approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission.
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