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LaGuardia Airport's $4B Renovation Seeks Grand Entrance Hall

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The LaGuardia revamp: part fable, part painfully drawn out operatic saga. On the heels of reports that the airport's $4 billion overhaul will likely not happen if the Port Authority doesn't choose a winning bidder ASAP comes news that the fraught organization is actually trying to make progress on the issue. The two vying bidders have agreed to extend their bids to May 11 without pulling out, and the Port Authority has unveiled what it's looking for from the two finalist consortiums of developers and architects. According to Crain's, the plans involve creating a grand entranceway to the airport in the Central Terminal and building infrastructure to streamline the process of traveling to Terminals C and D. The bidders have also been asked to consider how they'd incorporate future improvements into their designs.

Following the immediate renovation at hand, the Port Authority imagines building people movers between terminals, constructing a 100-plus room hotel, and adding an Air Tran link to the airport. Given the agency's track record, the timeline on these updates is approx. 100 years.
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