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From Beach to Bay, 8 Waterfront Homes You Can Buy in NYC

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Summer is just around the corner, which means that before long you will—either by your own volition or because someone convinced you that it would be a good idea—embark on a multiple-hour subway ride out to one of New York City's beaches. Unless you already live on the water, of course, in which case you'll just step out your front door. Last week, we featured a beautiful $3 million beach house out in the Rockaways. Now, we bring you eight more of the city's most lavish waterfront (or, at least, a half block from the water—this is still the city) homes.

In Sheepshead Bay, this four-bedroom duplex condo is asking $2.995 million and suggests that you "imagine yourself sipping your morning cup of java while watching the sailboats floating by" and return "from your high-pressure job on Wall Street to fish off the pier of your condo's waterfront boardwalk."

This house in Whitestone includes a private marina and dock right in the backyard. The house itself isn't too shabby either with 13 rooms and over 3,500 square feet. It's asking $2.95 million.

Steps from the Whitestone waterfront, this five-bedroom house was recently renovated and includes an in-ground pool and patio. You can apparently "catch a glimpse of the boats sailing by" but you might have to sit on the roof to do so. It's asking $1.85 million.

Also in Whitestone, this square, boxy stone house isn't the most attractive from the outside, but on the inside it isn't the most attractive in a completely different way with features that include a two-story foyer with a motorized chandelier. It's asking $1.75 million and is located a half-block from a private beach.

This house in Mill Basin, listed for $1.395 million, may be relatively modest, but the private dock is picturesque. And, as the listing is quick to point out, you could always just build a bigger house.

In the somewhat strange, seemingly out of place Rockaway development of Averne by the Sea, the most expensive home currently on the market is $1.05 million unit in the "Hawaii Line." Whatever qualms people might have with the homes themselves, the "one the sea" part is definitely accurate.

This four story, Mediterranean style house in Rockaway Park isn't right on the beach, but it does include beach-y elements such as a chandelier made out of thick rope. And there's an in-ground heated pool. It's asking $1.1 million.

And of course, this list would in no way be complete with the enormous Mill Basin home built by a Colombo crime family associate and currently owned by the family of the "Russian-American Paris Hilton." Now asking $17 million, the house is down from its original asking price of $30 million. It's right on the water and includes a two-boat marina, behind the security gates, of course.