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Gym That Bars Rent-Stabilized Tenants May Be Discriminatory

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According to Crain's, the New York City Commission on Human Rights filed a notice on Thursday bringing up the possibility of age discrimination at Stonehenge Village. The notice cites the Upper West Side apartment complex's gym policy, which excludes rent-stabilized tenants—most of whom are over the age of 65—from accessing the facility. Meanwhile, there are no restrictions for market-rate tenants.

The complaint was made by Jean Green Dorsey, who has hopes that the landlord will allow her and her fellow tenants to pay for the gym, just like all other residents in the complex.

Last year, in response to news of Stonehenge Village's policy, Councilman Mark Levine attempted to amend the city's human rights code to protect rent-stabilized tenants from discrimination. Likewise, Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal introduced a bill that would fine landlords who discriminate against rent-stabilized tenants. Both followed an official complaint form Public Advocate Letitia James.
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