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The Owners of Brooklyn's Priciest Home Are Not So Endearing

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Brooklyn's most expensive home, a $32 million penthouse in One Brooklyn Bridge Park that was combined from nine separate units, isn't news—it was, in fact, listed almost a year ago. It is, however, worth revisiting in a new piece in the Wall Street Journal, if only for this super braggy story that the owners told:

A few months ago, Stuart Leaf was sitting in his Brooklyn Heights apartment when he got a call from his wife asking when he'd be home. It turned out "we'd both been home for three hours," he said—their roughly 11,000-square-foot condo is so large that neither one realized the other was there.

After that, it was clear to the couple that it was time to sell. The "it was clear ... that it was time to sell" is the real kicker here. Forsooth, who could endure living in a penthouse so enormous! Would the indignities never cease? This is a funny story (though not in the way it's intended to be), but also, as Gothamist articulates—a "story so achingly disgusting, so exquisitely vile, that it becomes impossible to find an angle from which to mock it"—legitimately upsetting. Good luck to these people, we guess.

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One Brooklyn Bridge Park

360 Furman Street, Brooklyn, NY