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FiDi's Futuristic Condo Tower Hit With Stop Work Order

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The road to reality for Ismael Leyva's spaceship condo tower at 19 Park Place has been far from smooth. A glance through the property's filings with the Department of Buildings show dozens of past complaints (more than 175 are on record for the address), and over the weekend, the building was hit with a full Stop Work Order. It looks like it was quickly resolved, as it's no longer active, but the cause was pretty serious: the police were called because of a pole hanging from the safety netting. Unrelated to this incident, a partial Stop Work Order from October is still active. That violation is because the safety netting is missing from as high as the 17th floor. We haven't been by the site in a few months, and the most recent photo we could track down is from December, so the building may be slightly more complete than what's shown above (if you have a more recent photo, please send it to the tipline).

Renderings for 19 Park Place were first revealed in 2010, but plans had been in the works a few years before that. The development has been rather mysterious the entire time, and even with the most recent updates—the building has a website with lots of interior renderings—no expected completion date has been revealed.

Last September, four listings appeared on the market, but they were quickly pulled. The marketing team said that they would be off the market "for a few weeks" until prices for the 24 condos were finalized, but they have yet to reappear. We've reached out for the latest details on the development, and we will update if/when we hear back.
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19 Park Place

19 Park Place, New York, NY