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Imagine the Times Square of 3015 as a Mile-High Skyscraper

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Architecture magazine eVolo holds an annual skyscraper-design competition, and the winning renderings are always truly fantastical. This year is no exception. An honorable mention went to Blake Freitas, Grace Chen, and Alexi Kararavokiris for their vision of Times Squared 3015, a 5,687-foot-tall tower that packs everything needed to sustain an urban community into one dense vertical space. "Driving the concept of Manhattanization to new heights," their design includes (but is not limited to): 1) apartments; 2) shopping malls; 3) natural landscapes, from a beach to a forest to mountains; 4) offices; 5) farms; 6) museums; 7) theaters; 8) schools; 9) sports fields; and 10) an observation deck on top that has "a city within a city."

From the project's imaginative description:

Vertical farming, beach, mountain range, stadium, redwood forest, housing, and offices—destinations that are normally farther apart, are now stacked vertically. Each one of these destination zones consists of an individualized block or module, much like the different districts in a horizontal city. Open space is carved out of the south-facing side of the module for maximum solar exposure, regulating the destination environments within. This creates a series of L-shaped 'living' clusters—the city fabric—that surround and integrate with the natural environment. ↓ Click the images below to see them big.

Located above and below the residential/destination modules are a series of retail-themed entertainment modules or "sky malls" that draw upon the vitality of Times Square and extend the same excitement and energy vertically throughout the tower. Finally, using the idea of the skyscraper as makeshift observation deck, an enclosed city in the sky resides at the very top of the tower, providing dizzying views of the city within a city.

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