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Brace: The Tallest Tower North of 72nd Street Is Coming

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Part of the Upper East Side's rampant new-building boom, design and development firm DDG has been publicly planning a condo tower on Third Avenue between 87th and 88th streets for almost a year now. Its updated height, first reported by New York YIMBY, is 521 feet, which building reps say will make it the tallest above 72nd Street—trumping the next-tallest by a whole eight feet. It's not so much the number of floors—31—that is superlatively large. (Consider that Yorkville Towers a few blocks north is 34 stories, and that's just one example.) It's that the ceiling heights for the 48 luxury apartments within will be around 16 feet, read: tall, making the overall height of the tower surpass other high-rises in upper Manhattan. While the building, revealed in February, will dominate its predominantly low-rise neighbors, it won't look too out-of-place given that the not-so-modern facade is brick and will sport decorative archways in intervals along its length.

Here are other preliminary looks at the building, as published in February.

The Third Avenue site is actually L-shaped, with its other end fronting 88th Street. It is replacing two tenement buildings that have already been demolished, and the tower will cantilever over ones that remain at the corner of 88th and Third.

It's also directly across from the Upper East Side's brand-new Whole Foods, which has to count for something when luring deep-pocketed buyers, right?
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