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$100M Penthouse Won't Be 220 Central Park South's Priciest

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A duplex penthouse on the 73rd and 74th floors of 220 Central Park South will ask $100 million according to the building's offering plan, first eyed by TRD. If news of another nine-digit apartment isn't absurd enough, the ask is chump change compared to the Robert A.M. Stern building's rumored $175 million penthouse. Prices have yet to be filed with the attorney general for the limestone pillar's other penthouses, but they may very well exceed the $100 million duplex's ask.

The building's apartments for plebs (read: non-penthouses) will still ask a heart attack inducing amount of money: a 6,500-square-foot 48th floor condo will ask $64 million and a 49th floor condo will ask $69 million. As of now, 220 Central Park South's average price per square foot is $7,514.

As of now, the city's priciest apartment on record is the $100.5 million One 57's penthouse, but a slew of opulent apartments are waiting to be indoctrinated into the Nine Digit Club, like the $130 million penthouse of 520 Park Avenue and the rumored $150 penthouse atop Chetrit's Sony Building conversion at 550 Madison Avenue. Will it be all that long before $200 million asks start flying around?
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