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Astor Place's Long-Awaited Makeover Is Progressing

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The overhaul of Astor Place and Cooper Square started in 2013 (five years after it was first announced), and if things go smoothly, work should wrap up next winter, but Bedford + Bowery reports that work seems to have stalled. The Department of Design and Construction is evidently waiting on some approvals from the MTA to construction near the Astor Place subway stop.

But progress is noticeable. Alamo Plaza, where the Astor Place cube sits (well, not at the moment), holds a lot of construction materials, and according to the latest update from DDC, this area will have its sidewalks torn up in the coming weeks. Further south, Peter Cooper is no longer boxed up, and his eponymous triangle has the curving paths depicted in renderings. New sidewalks will be installed here and in the new Village Plaza this spring, and both areas will be prepped for landscaping.

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