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The Financial District Could Get Another Gigantic Condo Tower

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As if 30 Park Place, 50 West Street, 125 Greenwich Street, and 111 Murray Street weren't enough—though their silhouettes are absent from the rendering above—the Financial District and its surroundings had better brace for another mega-tower. It turns out the long-in-the-works, Syms-replacing building at 42 Trinity Place, a few blocks south of the World Trade Center site, may also house an extremely tall condo tower that will probably be extremely expensive.

Because of a collection of air rights from surrounding buildings including Trinity church and former hotel site 50 Trinity Place, New York YIMBY reports, the developers of 42 Trinity Place could theoretically put up a tower totaling over 1 million square feet. In other numerical terms, it could stand 80 stories and 1,015 feet tall—at a minimum. To put that into context with the other glassy things pictured above, One World Trade Center is 1,776 feet with its spire, while 4 World Trade Center is 977 feet.

The setback-laden building, developed by site owner Trinity Place Holdings, would rise on a roughly triangular plot of land with Trinity Place to the east, Greenwich Street to the west, and Rector Street to the north. YIMBY has the following breakdown of what could lie within:

Preliminary plans call for a two-story retail space, topped by three floors for the Department of Education, followed by a hotel spanning floors 7 through 38. Above, the building will be entirely residential. These plans are early and subject to change, but it looks like until there is literally no more room for skycrapers downtown, developers and architects are going to keep planning them.
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