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Uptown Manhattan Condos Will Be Purple and Modular, Too

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A batch of colorful apartments slated for West 187th Street in Washington Heights will become the second ones in Upper Manhattan to be built using modular construction. Since the building's initial announcement in 2013, developer HAP Investments has kept the design intact, with its purple hue and Tetris-shaped windows. (Which, according to an old description of the project, are supposed to resemble Hebrew letters spelling out the words "life" and "love"; HAP is partly based in Israel.) Designer Lover of neon Karim Rashid may still be on board as the designer of The Lilak, but Karl Fischer is listed as the architect of record on the disapproved new-building permits.

HAP is following in the footsteps of The Stack, a 2014 rental building that was constructed using prefabricated units from a Pennsylvania factory that were stitched together on-site.

HAP also shared more details about the condos-to-be.

The new prefab building, also known as HAP Four, will include a mix of one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments, some with private terraces. It will also feature amenities such as underground parking, a communal space on the roof, a gym and a playground. The ground floor of the building will be occupied in part by a community facility, most likely a medical office, he added. All of the units will rent at market rate, though Khafagy did not provide details on the projected price points to the board. ... HAP expects to begin construction in May 2015 and complete the building by June 2016. Also—and this is not a shocker, given community reaction to HAP's other brightly colored projects—neighbors expressed concern over the facade color. HAP responded that it's not final, and that the team is "still working on the design of the building so that it won't stick out too much."
As reported by DNAinfo, the developer told a community board committee that it plans to use the same Pennsylvania factory to produce 97 modules, which will come together to create the eight-story, 47-unit Lilak.
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