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Lescaze House Price Is Moving in the Right Direction Again

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Swiss modernist architect William Lescaze's 1934 townhouse on the Upper East Side was listed in 2010 for $14 million, and, after failing to sell, again in 2014 for $19.5 million. Though distinctive, the house probably needs a lot of work based on the fact that none of the listings have included interior photos, and the fact that one of its former brokers said as much, telling the Observer, "People don't realize how much work is involved when they buy it; and then they don't want to do the construction and renovations that are really needed," all of which renders to the huge price increase more than a little ambitious. Now the listing is in Corcoran's hands, though, and the price is moving in the right direction (down), and now stands at $17.9 million.

· Listing: 32 East 74th Street [Corcoran, via Streeteasy]
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