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Related's Giant Tower Relentlessly Rises on the Upper East Side

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In all of four months, Related's East 92nd Street tower between Second and Third avenues has shot up into the sky. In January when A Fine Blog last checked in at the site, the Handel-designed condo/rental tower was nothing but a base. Now, it's built up to 15 stories; that's more than half-way to its eventual height of 425 feet. When complete, the 28-story building will have a 231 apartments averaging 1,400-square-feet in size, 33,000-square-feet of retail, and a 46,000-square-foot school for kids with learning disabilities, which the developer is probably hoping will smooth over the detail that the building is rising on the site of a community playground.

When complete in 2016, the golden brick-sheathed tower will look something like this. ↓

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