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Half a Million, for 250 Square Feet of West Village Real Estate

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A world where $40 million is the new "normal" asking price for luxury apartments really makes you appreciate the little things. And by little things, we mean this 248-square-foot studio on Cornelia Street, which is just undeniably small. (A very scientific calculation was performed based on the floorplan, so it excludes the bathroom.) The tiny walk-up, which was renovated since the owner bought it for $250,000 in 2013, just hit the market asking double what he paid: $499,000. No, those closets don't house a Murphy bed, but the futon could serve as a crash pad, and the broker says a queen-sized bed—with no frame or headboard—could fit across from the radiator. It does have that West Village-y exposed brick, a brand-new kitchen and bathroom, and low monthly costs, but is there enough room? Remember, some New Yorkers live comfortably in 90 square feet (or 200), and with the right furniture (or snazzy movable walls) even the tiniest of apartments can feel like home.

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