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Manhattan's 6 1/2 Avenue Is Getting A Luminous Upgrade

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The CetraRuddy-designed lightsaber tower at 135 West 52nd Street is rising atop Manhattan's 6 1/2 Avenue, a string of privately-owned public spaces that stretch from 51st to 57th Street, and as part of the project, the development team is revamping a block of the hidden thoroughfare. The developers, Chetrit Group and Clipper Equity, hired French lighting designer Thierry Dreyfus, the man responsible for the 423-foot tower's glowing facade, to create a permanent installation for the pedestrian passageway, which will have landscaping, including a huge green wall and a waterfall, by M. Paul Friedberg & Partners. If the finished space looks as snazzy as the renderings, this slice of Midtown, between 52nd Street and 53rd Street, could become one of the neighborhood's best hidden gardens.

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