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Bjarke Ingels's 57th Street Tetrahedron Shall Go By... Via

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New York City apartment buildings have been bestowed with names for as long as they've been being built—starting with the city's first, The Stuyvesant—but as competition amongst buildings heats up, the names just seem to be trying harder and harder. For instance: everyone calls Bjarke Ingels' in-construction tetrahedron (nee pyramid) on West 57th Street "The Tetrahedron," but the New York Times reports that the Durst Organization-developed building will officially go by—wait for it—Via.

Is the name a little anticlimactic for the building? Sure, but here's Durst's reasoning, via the Times (no pun intended),

The name Via finally came about because the southbound West Side Highway slopes down as drivers enter the city, right at the spot where the building is situated. 'It acts like a gateway to Manhattan,' [the vice president of marketing for the Durst Organization] said. The word Via not only made literal sense, but was also graphically pleasing and sounded compatible with Helena and Frank. Helena, which has officially dropped the "The," is the Durst Organization's neighboring 38-story, 598-apartment rental building just across the way from the tetrahedron Via. Frank, the Times also reports, is the name that has been bestowed on its comparatively small 65-apartment neighbor rising to the west at 600 West 58th Street. And how appropriate: the Durst Organization-developed buildings are named after Helena Durst, daughter of Durst Organization CEO Douglas, and Frank, Helena's toddler son. "Frank will sit, 'like a small anchor or punctuation mark' next door to Helena," Helena Durst told the Times. So, this all begs the question: How long will it be before estranged uncle and alleged serial murderer Robert gets a building named after him?
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625 W 57th St

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