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East New York's Rezoning Creeps One Step Closer to Reality

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Mayor de Blasio will take the first of many steps today in the proposed rezoning of East New York. NYDN reports that de Blasio will announce the public review process that may give way to thousands of affordably-priced apartments will kick off in September. City Hall will announce the proposed turf for rezoning as well as affordability requirements within that area by September 8, after which the ULURP process will begin.

In a statement, City Hall spokesman Wiley Norvell said that the timeline will "allow [the city] to bring together all the threads that will help grow and empower this neighborhood: Mandatory Affordable Housing; protections for current tenants; investments in community facilities." Even now, the neighborhood beyond Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights is experiencing change, and the land prices that make the neighborhood attractive for a rezoning are creeping upward. On the city's timeline, the neighborhood redevelopment should start around 2016.
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