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First Look: Cary Tamarkin's UWS Catholic School Conversion

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When Cary Tamarkin bought the former St. Agnes Boys High School on West End Avenue at 87th Street from the Archdiocese of New York for $50 million, no one thought it was going to be a rehab charity case. Of course the prolific architect and developer is vying to turn the 1919 limestone and brick structure into apartments. Ahead of the presentation of conversion plans to both the Landmarks Preservation Commission on May 19 and CB7 on May 14, a tipster sent a rendering of what exactly Tamarkin has up his sleeve.

Tamarkin and Co. is seeking a Certificate of Appropriateness for a new entrance, canopy, windows, a one-story rooftop addition, a rear yard addition, and for changes to the rear facade. Tamarkin also plans to replace existing windows with historic replicas of the original windows and restore the buildings facade and parapet. As far as conversions go, this one at least looks harmless.
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