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620 Turtles Currently Living in an Upper West Side Apartment

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What happens when a shipment of illegal baby turtles that are bound for the storefronts of Chinatown gets seized by the Department of Environmental Conservation? An Upper West Side woman ends up with 620 of them in her bath tub, that's what. A Post report aptly titled "Woman with 620 turtles in her bathroom has no clue what to do with them" describes the story of Lorri Cramer, a state-licensed wildlife rehabber who stepped up to the plate after a massive shipment from China of the golf ball-sized contraband was seized from a Chinatown warehouse.

The tiny turtles are too small to sell legally in the states—their shells are smaller than 4 inches—and they aren't permitted to be released into the wild because they're a non-native species. Cramer is now looking for 620 "good homes" for the turtles, with some dozen people having already reached out. Well, we can think of at least one place for a few of them.
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