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Queens Project Will Get Smaller After 'Barrage of Complaints'

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NIMBYism is a fact of life in New York City (indeed, in most places in the world) but nowhere within the city limits is it quite so effective, apparently, as in Whitestone, Queens. Developer Edgestone Group just announced that they will head "back to the drawing board" after a "barrage of complaints" in response to their plan to build 107 mostly two-family townhouses on a brownfield site overlooking the East River. "This developer is declaring war on the community," state Senator Tony Avella, who resides in Whitestone, declared after the meeting. The previous owner of the site had planned to build 52 single-family homes before the financial crisis wiped that project out, and the community had made it known that 52 houses is plenty, thank you very much. "We understand there will be compromises on both sides," said the project's architect, sounding for all the world like the side that is about to do most of the compromising.

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