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Extell Says Nordstrom Tower Will Not Eclipse One WTC

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One World Trade Center will not be losing its "tallest building" title after all. Yesterday, new documents circulated that showed the Nordstrom Tower, Extell's planned behemoth at 217 West 57th Street, would rise to a whopping 1,795 feet, topping One World Trade by 19 feet. However, Extell overlord Gary Barnett told the Post last night that it's not true: "The Nordstrom Tower will categorically not be taller than 1 World Trade Center." Last month, Barnett told the Post, "When we were planning the building, we decided that we were going to make it less tall out of respect." So it seems like the building will still top out, with its spire, at 1,775 feet, one foot less than One WTC. But really, for all the normal humans that will crane their necks staring up at these supertalls from the street, does it even make a difference?

Originally, it was reported that the top of the Nordstrom Tower building will rise to 1,478 feet, but the new documents unearthed by New York YIMBY put it at 1,530 feet. The pinnacle, or in the Nordstrom Tower's case, the antenna, would bring it to the full height, which will be shorter than 1,776. Barnett did not confirm a height, but either way, it will be really freaking tall.
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