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Walking 28 Miles Around the Island of Manhattan—in a Day

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I expected my friends to say no when I invited them to join me. That's the only sane response to being invited on a 32-mile walk. Not a hike along scenic nature trails, mind you, but a walk around the island of Manhattan, on a series of paved paths guaranteed to pummel your feet. I myself harbor no illusions of sanity, so of course I wanted to do the Great Saunter as soon as I heard about it.

The walk, the 30th edition of which was held on May 2nd this year, is organized annually by a New York-based nonprofit group called Shorewalkers. Starting at a tavern near the tip of southern Manhattan, the walk takes you up the West Side, past the George Washington Bridge, around the tippy-top of the island known as Inwood, through Harlem, and down the East Side back to where you started, 32 miles in all.

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