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This Clinton Hill Home Is Overflowing With $10M of African Art

Behind one of the many closed apartment doors in Clinton Hill looms a $10 million collection of African art. Okay, perhaps looms isn't quite the right word; what this collection does is absolutely fill to the brim the apartment of Eric Edwards, the noted "Collector" in Mark Zemel's documentary of the same name (h/t Gothamist). As some collect tree rings and others, creepy dolls, Edwards has been collecting art from all 54 of Africa's countries for a long, long time. Other than deriving pleasure from his collection ("It's part of what gives me sustenance, and direction, and sanity," Edwards tells Zemel), the collector plans on opening a museum dedicated to African art in Brooklyn called The Cultural Museum of African Art. Architect Rodney Léon has already signed on to design the facility.

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